Monday, March 23, 2009

What a busy few days it has been...

I will tell you first that I recovered from my weekend by spending yesterday from 2:30 to 6:30 mostly on the couch, with a mug full of Hershey's Kisses reading a book about a yarn shop and its customers. That's how badly I needed to chill. No computer, no knitting, no music, Paul wasn't home. Just me and my extreme comfort zone. It was lovely.

On Friday we had friends from CT arrive to spend a couple days with us. Jon was Paul's best man (and Paul his as well) and they've been good friends since high school, and Jon's wife Meredith came along for the visit too, which was great, because usually her work schedule doesn't allow it.

Pretty much right after I got home from work, they arrived, and we went straight out for dinner. We went to Elliot's downtown, a place with great food that has never disappointed us. We all had very yummy dinners (I got the filet mignon with lobster!) and I tried to drink a pomegranate martini but it was TOO strong! I could feel it causing tummy acid problems with every sip, so I finally just set it aside and decided to remember next time that I shouldn't spend $9 on something I can't enjoy. After dinner we hopped across the street to Caffe Dolce and everyone else got an espresso drink of one type or another and Paul managed to get the guy to sell him empty cannoli shells (they were out of filling.) THEN we ran to the grocery store where I picked up cinnamon rolls in a tube and strawberries for breakfast the next morning and Paul got stuff to make cannoli filling. There may also have been Easter candy that came home with us.
Paul made the yummiest cannolis later that evening and we just hung out until bedtime.

Saturday after a late breakfast (late for me) we drove up to Amesbury and had lunch at one of Paul's favorite places (I love it too), the Flatbread Pizza Company. So so good. And then we drove a little further to Jewell Towne Vineyards. It's a lovely place to visit, have a tour, taste some wine. Not only is the wine very yummy, but it's very affordable as well. We love being able to bring home a bottle (or six) with confidence we'll enjoy it because we've tasted it. We've been there often enough that they recognize us when we come in.

On the way home Meredith mentioned she'd like to do some yarn shopping, and I happily obliged that idea, and we switched cars when we got back home and took right off again. First we went to Yarns in the Farms, which is just the most magical little yarn shop I know. (They have the Addi Clicks and I WANT!) And then before coming home we stopped at Coveted Yarn which is just down the street from my house. She actually out-browsed me, I had to sit down and look at patterns while waiting for her to finish shopping!

We came home to Paul making a gorgeous dinner of homemade pasta with shrimp and smoked mozzarella and I don't remember what else but it was absolutely delicious. We had a bottle of Chardonnay with dinner and it was a perfect match.

We intended to watch a movie after dinner but we were all pretty tired so we played a couple rounds of Mario Kart on the Wii and then went to bed.

Sunday morning at 7:30 I got the phone call that my friend Helen was in labor and I RUSHED to Rockport to be with Libby while her mom (Helen) and dad (Frank) were at the hospital. Baby Lauren was born, I think, around 9 (they barely made it!). I was with Libby until 2ish when Frank came home and relieved me. That's when I came home and needed to recover from my weekend.

After a good sleep last night I'm feeling much more refreshed and ready to face this week, which could go a number of different ways...we'll just have to wait and see.


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