Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what's up - in list format...

1. i'm at the tea company again this morning while the cleaners are at the house. i'm knitting on a little hat, brought the book i'm reading, and my laptop. i've successfully gotten google reader down to '0' unread posts.

2. lately i've been working on knitting projects commissioned by Hannah Wilde of Hannah Wilde Photography. she wants a bunch of tiny little hats and various other things to use as photography props for her sessions with wee ones and we've worked out a barter for time and she's buying the yarn. it works out great for me. i have purposeful knitting to do and they're little projects so they're mostly very quick.

3. last night for dinner i made a pork roast and tried a new recipe as a side: barley bake. it was creamier than i thought it would be, and i think it was missing something flavor-wise, maybe something acidic or peppery?, but paul loved it and had seconds. (which i take as a compliment.). (asparagus was the veg.) tonight is leftovers, and tomorrow i'm making beef stroganoff in the crockpot. that's a recipe i haven't tried before too, so i'll let you know how it goes. i used to love my mom's beef stroganoff, and i hope this lives up to the craving memory.

4. i've been reading more than usual lately. since i finished college and got my B.A. in English Lit i've been struggling with reading. being an english major seemed to create all this guilt when it comes reading for pleasure. if it's not a classic, or if i can't analyze it and find some larger meaning, if it's not hard to read...then it's not worthwhile. but i'm trying really hard to get over that. i loved to read as a kid, i would devour books. and i think i've come to realize that all i really want is a story. it doesn't really have to be a good one, but that's all i want out of a book. i DON'T want to be a scholarly reader, i want to read for leisure and pleasure. a couple summers ago i bought a LARGE stack of books for cheap at a local library book sale and i'm working my way through that pile. last week i finished two books and i'm on a third now. i also signed up for and i've posted all the books i've read and don't really care to take up valuable bookshelf space for swap. i've already received two books in the mail, and mailed two books out myself. (i'll do anything for fun mail.)

5. we've got a date to meet friends at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth on Saturday morning. so so many people have recommended this place to me as a breakfast lover and i'm looking forward to the food and the friends.

6. There is a Sensational India event at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem the weekend of April 4-5 and i'm really hoping we can make it. i love Indian food and dance and color! Would be fun to get lunch at Passage to India and then visit the Museum celebration.

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