Wednesday, April 1, 2009


+ took the time to make cookies when i got home, chewy gingersnaps, so yum and the house smells great
+ leftovers of one of my favorite meals for dinner tonight, one pot pasta
+ being able to pay our bills without a hitch...i don't think that will ever cease to make me glad
+ good afternoon with Libby, i picked up a bag of miscellaneous largeish beads at the store thinking it was an activity we hadn't tried yet, and she really liked stringing them on yarn to make bracelets. wasn't sure how that would go with a 2 year old.
+ lots of Buffy to watch on Hulu
+ springtime
+ local yarn shop had the yarn i ran out of yesterday - yay!
+ enjoying the Twilight book and already planning how to get the rest in the series. really easy reading, so it's relaxing.

- laundry to fold
- vacuuming to do, if i'm disciplined

(it must be a good day if those are the only cons. sweet.)

1 comment:

  1. I have the rest of the Twilight series if you want to borrow them. It was give us a good excuse to get together again :-)