Sunday, April 19, 2009


Anna (6) and Sofia (4)
Anna (6) and Sofia (4)

today my sister Emily packed her three kids (Caleb-9, Anna-6, Sofia-4) in the car and drove 3 hours south from Maine to visit me, her baby sister.

the girls had a bit of coloring/crafty time and took a little walk, the boys took apart a computer and played a little bit on the Wii. i thought it might be fun to interview the kids and put the highlights on the blog...i was really curious to hear their answers. i hope i can think of different questions to ask them next time.

Caleb (does NOT like to have his picture taken - so no photo here today):
How he would spend a day if he could choose anything: "I would do lots of jobs to earn money, and then the next day go to the Lego store."
What he wants to do when he's a grown up: "I want to be a Lego Designer!"
Would he change anything about himself: "I would make it so I couldn't hear Sofia when she's trying to annoy me."

Favorite animal: "Cats...and zebras!"
What she wants to do when she's a grown up: "Play with my kids." (She later said she thinks 3 kids is a good number.)
Would she change anything about herself: "I would not wear dresses as often. And I would learn to cook."

Favorite animal: "A owl and a duck and a bird."
What she wants to do when she's grown up: "Knit, work, play on computer, play on iPod." (She also said she wants to be an artist, but clarified that she can do whatever she wants to do, and she will bring her kids to McDonald's...) Later, "When I'm a human I'm going to be in a dress."
Favorite song: "Ummm...'The Bible Tells Me So' and 'Twinkle'."

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