Tuesday, April 7, 2009

look at what else i got!

paul found this wallet for me at Newbury Comics and we both kind of figured i had to bring it home with me.

New Wallet - Both Sides

OWL! hurrah!

also - at Border's i noticed a bunch of umbrellas right near the check out, and i actually did need an umbrella (it's been raining a lot and i think i'm too grown up to enjoy getting soaked all the time), so i got this:

new umbrella!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! it's even prettier when opened up - i think it's so great to have something so happy for a grey rainy day. i had to use it yesterday when we got nailed with some serious thunderstorms...sadly it's a pretty weak umbrella - the wind blew it inside out pretty quickly...so this will have to be a gentle-rain-umbrella. i guess you get what you pay for ($12).

while at Borders i also purchased books two (New Moon) & three (Eclipse) of the Twilight series. it only took me a couple days to read Twilight, and after buying these books on sunday i'm almost through New Moon. i don't like it as much as the first, mostly because i loved the Bella/Edward relationship so much. also - i totally knew what was going on with Jacob Black. i'm just saying.

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