Monday, April 6, 2009

pretty ribbon

i went to Michael's yesterday to get some split rings but of course i had to browse a LITTLE while i was there, especially considering i've only been there a couple times since it opened over a year ago. these were one of my little splurges while i was there:


aren't they pretty and happy?? i had to limit myself to just these even though there were at least five others i wanted.

i also bought this:

an owl paper punch (by martha stewart)! i love it and have absolutely no idea what i'll use it for.

i really loved just walking through the store and browsing and feeling inspired to be creative. i think i'll have to get there more often (when i have money to spend).

more weekend purchases to share tomorrow!


  1. If I were the Easter Bunny these are things I would put in your Easter basket. Enjoy your pretty things - you deserve them.

  2. Thanks sister. :) I love my new pretty things.