Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sewing frenzy

sooo...very little knitting happening the past few days. instead, the sewing machine has been getting quite a workout.

patchwork tote
patchwork tote bag

needle roll for swap
needle roll for double pointed needles/crochet hooks

needle roll for swap
another needle roll for double pointed needles/crochet hooks

i started all this sewing because i wanted to have something to offer up in a Ravelry swap group that my friend Rachel told me about. it looks like so much fun to swap for stuff, but my yarn stash is slim so that's not really an option. so i decided to make some stuff to see if folks would like it. so far Rachel has claimed the patchwork bag and several others indicated interest, so i'm planning to make at least a couple more of those. we'll see if the needle rolls are liked.

it's been fun to sew. but it's a little scary because i find myself not wanting to do anything else! the housework has been neglected. (see how well i procrastinate by writing a blog entry, too!)


  1. Ooh, sewing! I love the patchwork tote, and the fabric in the 3rd picture is great! (I miss my sewing machine, it just wouldn't fit in my luggage.)

    Looks like you'll be knitting again, L. I just sent you a mail! :-)

  2. ooh that bag is rather awesome! Love it! :)