Sunday, August 23, 2009

my brain hurts

my dear sweet hubby Paul bought me a new laptop Friday night. it was a bargain and it should fulfill my needs and wants from the computer in my life. my old laptop was just that: old. and it was built before things like netflix instant and hulu were around and it just couldn't do all the shiny new fun stuff i wanted it least not without limping.

but here's the thing.
my old laptop: an apple powerbook G4.
my new laptop: a Compaq that hub installed Windows 7 on.

i used to be a Windows user at my old office job so i'm not too completely thrown by this change, but i am thrown at how difficult it is to switch your life over from one operating system to another. it was all fine and well when i was just using firefox on the new lappy, but suddenly i wanted to import my mail and photos and music. and did you know that there is no easy way to export from Mail on a Mac to Outlook on a PC? so far i've found all sorts of convoluted ways of going about it, mostly importing to a middle program and exporting again, but i gotta say - it seems a little ridiculous...and it's causing me to clench my jaw. then there's the way that iPhoto had my photos organized, and how i like them, but really the folder structure underneath that - is a little nuts. i haven't even touched the music yet. i'm a little afraid for my life. at least iTunes is available for Windows and should maybe be able to handle this for me.

so far i've got the email on this computer - in Mozilla Thunderbird. so at least i can see it if i have to.

today i try to conquer photos, and see how long it will take to transfer all that music.

that's my venting. have a good day :)

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