Saturday, August 15, 2009

what happened today...

i wanted to have a photo for this post but of course i forgot about it until after i'll sum up my day with a list - which is, of course, my favorite way to think about things:

  • woke up fairly early and started cutting fabric for drawstring project bags, which are my main sewing goal for the weekend. i hope to do a small shop update monday or tuesday.
  • worked on sewing until noon at which point i retired to the air conditioned bedroom.
  • reflected on how August is the roughest month for me. i'd rather be cold than hot any day. cold means: sweater and blankets and cocoa. hot means: blech.
  • ate cold leftover pizza for lunch.
  • worked on Clothilde shawl while watching Lost Season 1 on Netflix Instant.
  • during the afternoon i took a couple knitting breaks to sew some more on the project bags.
  • travelled off the island and went to Barnes & Noble (where i bought an owly notebook and Amigurumi Knits, and Paul bought a cheesemaking book), Bed Bath & Beyond (where we looked for things that might help Paul with making cheese), and Home Depot (where we actually found things to help with making cheese, including all the parts for a kick ass cheese press...i'm told i was very helpful).

goals for tomorrow:

  • a trip to the grocery store - for ingredients to make a cold pasta salad...going to be super hot the next few days...lord have mercy on me and bring september more quickly!
  • a blog post with a photo
  • finish all the drawstring bags and cut some fabric for a couple of my new interchangeable needle cases
  • enjoy the last day of the weekend by knitting and watching more Lost

random thoughts:

  • i love to visit home depot - smells great and has all sorts of fun stuff
  • i'm a sucker for stuff with owls. i almost brought home three different owly notebooks/journals. luckily i came to my senses, picked one, and it happened to be the least expensive.
  • i have survived one more super hot summer day and i consider this a victory
  • i love hershey's nuggets

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